Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux


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  • Model:Pulse Solo Lux
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Multi Award-Winning Luxury Guybrator!
   The sex toy for every penis

Combines versatility with sheer power.
Go hands-free with the clever wrist-strap remote, and push power to the limits when you unleash the dedicated Turbo button!

Sit back and let the PulsePlate deliver a hands-free experience.


How It Works:
The versatile remote gives you the ultimate flexibility.

Adjusting settings is easy both on the Lux or via the wrist-strap remote!
    Powerful, high amplitude oscillations delivered by the PulsePlate Technology directly into the Frenulum - with eye crossing reactions.     Lux is the first to use this cutting-edge technology!


Why You'll Love It:
Hands Free Climax

PulsePlate Technology means there is no need to stroke.
Simply hold it in place and let it do all the work to a hands-free orgasm.
  Eye-Crossing Vibes

The perfect tempo with 6 tried and tested vibration settings that will literally rock your world!
Cutting-edge technology for extreme edging!
  No Erection Needed!

Enjoy masturbation without an erection!

Perfect for people with ED or who might just like some extra help.

Simply put your flaccid penis into the toy and let the PulsePlate do all the work.
  100% Waterproof

Enjoy the rumbling sensations in the shower, bath or hot tub!


Will It Fit:
All bodies are different, but as a general rule you would need a minimum flaccid length of 3 ¼” (8.5cm), and a maximum girth of 8” (20cm) which is about 2 ½” (6.5cm) wide.

There is no maximum on length or minimum on girth.


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