Liberator Arche Wedge


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  • Model:Arche Wedge
Available Options

  • Uniquely designed for oral pleasure
  • Relieves pressure from neck, back and joints
  • Enjoy deeper penetration and G-spot stimulation
  • Lift for better access and stability
  • Designer velvish, velour fabrics
  • Removable, machine-washable cover
  • Moisture-proof inner liner

    A few positions possible with the Liberator Arche Wedge
    Liberator Arche Wedge - Elevated Oral      Liberator Arche Wedge - Grab & Go      Liberator Arche Wedge - Heart's Desire
    Liberator Arche Wedge - Home On The Range      Liberator Arche Wedge - The Down Low      Liberator Arche Wedge - The Over Easy
    Liberator Arche Wedge - The Push-Up      Liberator Arche Wedge - The Rodeo      Liberator Arche Wedge - The Slippery Slope
    Liberator Arche Wedge - Wheelbarrow     


    Unique arched design brings new heights of ecstasy.

    Make it last all night with the ease and comfort provided by the Arche Wedge.

    Specifically for those who enjoy giving and receiving oral, the Arche Wedge provides all of the support of the Wedge with insets that allow for easier access and lift for cunninglingus, reducing strain on the giver’s neck and back.

    The subtle slope and firmness is ideal for providing support and lift in sexual positioning as well by deepening the angle of penetration to heighten sensation and reach the G-spot.

    Use it as a fulcrum point under knees for deeper penetration and harder thrusting.

  • Velvish - plush faux velvet cover – 100% polyester
  • Machine-washable velvish cover
  • Polyester liner
  • Fully supportive polyurethane
  • 24" x 12" x 6"