Liberator Esse


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  • Model:Esse
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Seduction begins with Esse!
   Endless creative sexual possibilities!

  • Luxury chaise with elegant contours & style
  • Designed for Kama Sutra-inspired positions
  • Perfectly weighted for enhanced support
  • Provides stability for effortless transitions
  • Ergonomic design offers increased mobility
  • Headrest and Mini-Scoop included
  • Moisture-proof inner liner
  • Soft, removable, machine-washable cover
  • Doubles as an ultra comfortable chaise lounge

    A few positions possible with the Liberator Esse
    Liberator Esse - Fox & Hound      Liberator Esse - Magic carpet Ride      Liberator Esse - Drivestick
    Liberator Esse - The Candlemaker      Liberator Esse - Velvet Throne      Liberator Esse - Rising Star
    Liberator Esse - Roll Out      Liberator Esse - Satalite Of Love      Liberator Esse - 12 O'Clock High
    Liberator Esse - Let's Bounce      Liberator Esse - Deep Impact      Liberator Esse - The Vista
    Liberator Esse - Rebel Ride      Liberator Esse - Cradle Of Love      Liberator Esse - The Amazonian
    Liberator Esse - Captain's Quarters      Liberator Esse - Rock-A-Bye-Baby


    Discover 360° of the best sex of your life with every angle designed to provide the best access, sweetest support, and most enticing possibilities.

    Your head, neck and back will be cradled in almost any position you try, while the added height and ergonomic slopes provide the deepest penetration possible.

    The included headrest works at either end of the Esse, and is useful for raising up knees or adding 5” of height for standing and bending-over positions.

    The included Mini-Scoop will eliminate the center dip, making the Esse more flat; plus, it works independently away from the Esse providing lift and motion to lovemaking on a bed.

  • A luxury chaise with elegant curves and serious style.
  • Provides full body support to increase leverage for thrusting power.
  • Variety of positions available through stretching out, straddling, or sitting atop.
  • Headrest and Mini-Scoop included.
  • Doubles as a chaise lounge.
  • Soft, removable, machine-washable cover can evolve with your decor.
  • Moisture-proof liner prevents moisture from penetrating the foam interior.
  • 64" x 24" x 24" | Height @ Head: 23" | Height @ Center: 9.5" | Height @ Foot: 16.5"