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There's Nowhere Sway Won't Go!

  • Ergonomically sculpted dual-ends for targeted G-spot and prostate massage so you can explore more.
  • Gentle, radiating heat promotes muscle relaxation and increased circulation for more pleasure.
  • Raised stimulation point for targeted external massage and 7 intensity settings.
  • Sway - 7 Intensity Settings   Sway -  Waterproof   Sway - Self Warming
    7 Intensity Settings   Waterproof   Self Warming


    Sway Warming    

    Warming Technology Like No Other

    Sway warms to 104°F / 40°C, just above body temp for enhanced circulation, arousal, and relaxation.

    WarmSense technology heats quickly and evenly throughout, so it feels natural, sensual and totally relaxing.

    You’ll stay in the mood and in the moment for as long as you desire.

    Versatile Design

    Double The Good Vibes

    Every side is Sway’s good side. Its dual ended motors on each side vibrate and stimulate, creating simultaneous sensations according to your desired experience.

        Sway - Intense Vibrations

    Sway Fitment Guide
    Sway Fitment Guide

    Get To Know Sway    

    Sway’s internal heating mechanism delivers pinpointed, targeted heat on both ends of the wand vibrator. The enhanced warming feature will hit all your hot spots, and amplify the way you experience familiar sensations during sex, specifically vulva stimulation, and prostate and G-spot pleasure.

    Be confident the thermal conductive polymer tech will never exceed 104°F / 40°C.
    No risks associated with normal use!

    Ensure that Sway is cleaned after every use. Since Sway is fully submersible, you can run it under warm water with antibacterial soap or pleasure product cleaner to rinse residue safely and effectively.