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Ultra Exotic Robotic G-Spot Massager
Mimics the sensations of fingers stroking/caressing the G-spot, plus added stimulation of rumbling sensations at the press of a button!
Follows the body’s curves helping you explore and pinpoint your pleasure points.


Onda Vibration Boost Onda Waterproof Onda 10 Intensity Settings
Vibration Boost Waterproof 10 Intensity Settings


Onda The G-spot Massager The G-spot Massager
   Stimulation Beyond Vibration

The G-spot Massager replicates the best kind of human touch, mimicking the come-hither motion of a finger, along with a stimulation boost offering rumbling vibrations for a totally different experience.


The variety of settings allows you to determine the length and speed of each stroke against the G-spot to pinpoint stimulation. Choose from 4 different stroke positions along the body, including long and short strokes. Onda Customizable Settings

1. Only insert/remove when turned off and completely retracted.

2. Charge for a minimum of 1 hour before the first use.

3. Wash with mild soap and water or silicone-safe cleaner.

4. Apply a water-based lubricant.
Do not use lubricants that contain silicone or oils - this will damage your toy and reduce its lifespan.

5. Insert into the vaginal opening with the massager facing the front of the body.
Explore to find the right position of the massager over the G-spot.
   It will different for every person.

6. Press and hold the power button to turn on.

7. Customize your desired stimulation using the stroke, speed, and boost buttons.
Take your time to adjust, explore, and enjoy.

8. Post pleasurable climax:
Firmly press and hold the power button to turn off before removing your from your vagina.

9. Thoroughly clean and dry your toy before storing away.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

1. Find Your G-Spot Position
Before first use:
  Get to know your own anatomy!
   Don't be shy or nervous.
    Exploring your body will be beneficial in understanding how Onda will conform yo your body for sensually erotic pleasure.

It may take a few sessions of exploration and experimentation to find the position and intensity you prefer.
   Take your time & enjoy the self-discovery!

Onda Perfect Fit

Sexologists theorize that the G-spot is actually the deeper portion of clitoral tissue.
In most people the G-spot is about 1–3 inches (2–8cm) inside the entrance on the front wall of the vagina. The tissue tends to be slightly firmer and more rigid than the surrounding tissue.
Onda is designed to press and stroke the full length of the G-spot.

Onda Find Your G-Spot

Using Onda!

Try it out and get used to the functions before inserting into the vagina so you can see all of the options and settings.

Only insert or remove when turned off and completely retracted.

Add water-based lubricant for smooth insertion and use.

Insert into the vaginal opening with massager facing the front of the body.

Once inserted, turn on and explore to find a position that presses against the G-spot.
Adjust the angle of the massager to press and stroke over the inside front wall of the

Each function can be controlled independently.
Experiment with different combinations of stimulation to find your favorite settings.

Always turn off completely before removing from the vagina.
Simply press and hold the power button, then once it is fully off, remove.


Charge for at least 1 hour before the first use by placing the magnetic USB charging cable over the two metal dots on the back and connecting to power.

Once plugged in the display shows charging status.
Gradually lighting the circle around the power button.
When the circle is fully lit with a solid white light, it is fully charged.

Note: Do not charge while in water or while the product is wet.
Always make sure the USB charging cable and charging points on the device are completely dry before charging.

Use only the supplied charging cable.

Onda Charging

Low Power Warning: The circle light will begin to flutter when there are 5 minutes of use time remaining.

Auto-Shutoff: If not activated within 5 minutes, Onda will turn off automatically to conserve power.

Product Lock: To ensure Onda doesn't turn on at the wrong time, such as during travel, you can disable and lock all of the buttons.
Simultaneously press and hold the power button and then G-Stroke length button (H), the LED will flutter rapidly to signify lock.
Repeat this combination to unlock the device and the LED will flutter again.

Cleaning / Storage / Safety: Always clean Onda with mild soap and water or a purpose-made, silicone-safe cleanser before and after each use.
Onda is waterproof up to 1 meter/3 feet so you can use it in the bath or shower and run it under the faucet or fully submerge it for thorough cleaning.
Wipe dry with a clean lint-free cloth and store in a cool, dry location.

Use only water-based lubricants - oil/silicone-based formulas will damage and reduce the lifespan of your toy.

Note: Do not boil, microwave, or run through a dishwasher or sterilizer, as extreme heat and harsh detergents can damage your toy.
Do not use silicone, alcohol, acetone, petroleum, acidic, or alkaline-based products as these can damage your toy.

Onda User Guide Download:      Adobe PDF