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Ultra Exotic Robotic G-Spot/Clitoral Mouth Massager
Mimics all kinds of human touch and stimulates both pleasure points simultaneously.

Osé 2 Dual Stimulation Osé 2 Waterproof Osé 2 10 Intensity Settings
Dual Stimulation Waterproof 10 Intensity Settings


The Clitoral Stimulator
   Stimulation Beyond Vibration

The Clitoral Stimulator is designed to replicate the sensation of the mouth and tongue over the glans clitoris. Its smooth ridges rest within the outer labia to provide rhythmic thrumming throughout the full body of the clitoris. Choose from 10 intensity levels to find

The G-spot Massager
   Your Path To Pleasure

The G-spot Massager replicates the best kind of human touch, mimicking the come-hither motion of a finger. Custom settings allow you to determine the length and speed of each stroke against the G-spot.

Osé 2 offers many different ways to customize your experience, whether it's through the variety of settings or the flexible shape it encourages exploration and exploration leads to pleasure.

Osé 2 adapts to your unique anatomy, offering an experience unlike any other. The flexible body moves in every different direction to ensure a customizable fit.

Water-based lube and personal moisturizers only! Oil or silicone-based lube can cause damage.

Every body is unique, so Osé 2 is adjustable so it can fit as many people as possible. It includes a flexible body to allow you to reach both pleasure points at the same time and customizable stimulation settings that work independently so you can find your path to pleasure.

Comes equipped with a USB charging cable that can be used with any USB wall charger.

Designed using biomimicry, taking the human motions of the mouth, tongue, and finger and translating these into microrobotic motions that were correlated to subjective measurements of pressure and frequency.
These physical measurements were optimized and programmed into Osé 2 - (Robotics!).

Most other products utilize vibration instead of biomimicry. The come-hither motion in Osé 2’s G-spot Massager utilizes a custom motor and gearbox to provide a motion that offers a full length stroke in a narrow area for optimal internal stimulation. The Clitoral Stimulator provides thumping sensations through positive air pressure as opposed to vibrations or suction, while also providing sensation throughout the vulva with its unique shape.

Offers a customizable fit to adjust for a wide variety of vaginal anatomies. Can be molded to fit your unique anatomy.

To understand how Osé 2 will feel before you use it, turn it on to explore the buttons and feel both stimulators on your hand. This will help you understand where and how you want to use it on your body.

Osé 2 Anatomy

Get to know your body first - warm up and explore by using the clitoral stimulator by itself at different angles over the clitoris and vulva. Many people enjoy placing the clitoral mouth directly over/arond the glans clitoris, but try different positions to find what you like. Arousal can help you find and stimulate your G-spot easier, and also makes insertion easier.

Do not Insert/Remove Osé 2 while powered on!

Finding Your Perfect Fit With Osé 2

1. Find Your G-Spot Position
Use your fingers to explore and find your G-spot. Then with the product turned off, bend Osé 2 slightly and use lubricant to insert the G-spot stimulator. Turn on, and explore the settings to align the finger/come-hither motion with your G-spot.
Maximum Insertable Length - depending on your G-spot location, Osé 2 may not need to be inserted very far in. Just make sure that the moving stimulation "finger" is completely past your vaginal entrance.

Osé 2 Maximum Insertable Length

2. Find your G-Spot Bend
Notice how much further you need to bend Osé 2 for the clitoral stimulator to reach your clitoris. You can continue to make slight adjustments to this bend so that the clitoral stimulator and the G-spot stimulator both touch their pleasure points at the same time. 1. Turn off and remove the product. 2. Straighten the flexible body. 3. Bend again, slightly further up or down the body so the two stimulators will reach each pleasure point. This bend can help control how much of the product is inserted into your vagina and keep it in contact with your G-spot.

Osé 2 G-Spot Bend

3. Find Your Clitoral Bend
The clitoral stimulator is extremely flexible and can bend side to side and front to back. Note the angle needed to make the clitoral stimulator press flat against your vulva, making sure the glans clitoris is inside the clitoral mouth. Bend the clitoral stimulator sharply where it connects to the flexible body, this may create a crimp or wrinkle in the silicone, which is completely normal. Turn off and remove Osé 2 to make micro adjustments until the clitoral mouth touches your clitoris at the angle you like. It should create a light seal with the body and feel like a mild suction.

Osé 2 Clitoral Bend

4. Fine Tune
It may take some small adjustments to find just the right position. Turn off and remove. Then using your palm, squeeze or crimp the flexible body together to bring the clitoral stimulator and G-spot stimulator closer together to increase contact and pressure on each pleasure point. This also helps Osé 2 "hug" the body and become more hands-free. 1. Wrap your hand around the flexible body. 2. Squeeze or crimp the flexible body together with the palm of your hand to press the clitoral stimulator and the G-spot stimulator together.

Osé 2 Fine Tuning

Charging Osé 2

Product Lock: To ensure Osé 2 doesn't turn on at the wrong time, such as during travel, you can disable and lock all of the buttons. Simultaneously press and hold the power button and then G-Stroke length button (H), the LED will flutter rapidly to signify lock. Repeat this combination to unlock the device and the LED will flutter again.

Cleaning / Storage / Safety: Always clean Osé 2 with mild soap and water or a purpose-made, silicone-safe cleanser before and after each use. Osé 2 is waterproof up to 1 meter/3 feet so you can use it in the bath or shower and run it under the faucet or fully submerge it for thorough cleaning. Wipe dry with a clean lint-free cloth and store in a cool, dry location. Use only water-based lubricants and personal moisturizers, as oil or silicone-based formulas can damage the materials and reduce the lifespan of your device.

Do not boil, microwave, or run Ose 2 through a dishwasher or sterilizer, as extreme heat and harsh detergents can damage the product. Do not use silicone, alcohol, acetone, petroleum, acidic, or alkaline-based products on Ose 2 as it can damage the product materials.

Osé 2 Charging

Low Power Warning: The circle light will begin to flutter when there are 5 minutes of use time remaining.

Auto-Shutoff: If the G-spot stimulator or clitoral stimulator are not activated within 5 minutes, Osé 2 will turn off automatically to conserve power.

Download the Osé 2 User Guide:      Adobe PDF