Celebrate "whatever turns you on"

Our vision is simple yet extremely complex in design.

Promoting a sex-positive culture or sexual well-being for Canadians
    Canada is full of "sex-positive" people!

Sex remains a taboo not openly talked about.
The mere mention of sex begins the whispers, giggles, red faced embarassment and many more mixed emotions.

An acceptance of all sexual orientations is the only way to build an inclusively "sex positive" community.

"Sex-positive" is key to everything we do, an openness to grow sexually.

Sex can powerfully engage; our minds, our emotions and our spiritual life.
    "Sex-positive" involves an enthusiasm for those elements of sexuality as well.

"Sex-positive" to some may not include being conscious of what types of materials our toys are made of.
    Our "Sex-positive" vision includes only supplying "Body-Safe" toys and supporting only manufacturers that have adopted this attitude.

See our Mission Statement or Articles for more information on the toxic chemicals used in some sex toys.

"Sex-positive" embraces sexuality with the view that the only relevant concerns when it comes to a sexual act, practice or experience are the consent, pleasure and well-being of the people engaged in it or the people affected by it.

"Sex-positive" places no moral value on different sexuality or sex acts.

"Sex-positive" helps us set aside our judgments and make room for the diversity of human sexuality.

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