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Naughty Pleasures is a unique blend of journalism, social networking and community building throughout Canada and Canadian culture!

Media promoting sex-positive culture or sexual well-being for Canadians?
  Why does sex remain such a taboo?
   Why does mainstream media not have a specialist covering or reporting on sexuality.
    Canadians deserve better!

Naughty Pleasures believes sex is an important aspect of the lives of all Canadians!
  And as such deserves media covering the "current sexuality trends" both locally and nationally!
   Naughty Pleasures will continually update our sex-positive / gender-neutral information / education pages.

There are growing numbers of people who define themselves as "sex positive".
  Some of these people are already part of vibrant communities such as:

  • BDSM
  • GBLT

  •   But as these and many more acronyms suggest - such groups are defined in a different way than "sex positive".

    Naughty Pleasures mission is to help people of all orientations build an inclusively "sex positive" community.

    What is sex positive culture?
      "Sex positive" is key to everything we do.

    What does that term mean?
      It's an attitude.
       Usually a set of attitudes.

    It's an enthusiasm for human sexuality in its broadest sense.
      Most people enjoy the delicious physical dimension of sex.
       In that limited sense almost everyone is sex-positive.

    But sex is more than physical pleasure.
      Sex can powerfully engage:

  • Our minds
  • Our emotions
  • Even our spiritual life

  •   Sex-positive involves an enthusiasm for those elements of sexuality as well.
       An openness to grow sexually is also an element of sex positive

    Our erotic lives are like plants.
      Well tended they can grow into beautiful flowers;
       Untended they can wither and die.
    Sex positive people tend to enjoy exploring new landscapes in all the dimensions of sex:

  • New ways of making love
  • Of thinking about sex
  • Of creating sex positive community
  • Naughty Pleasures goal:
       Somewhere in the pages of our site you will find the inspiration to push the edges of your erotic life.

    A key ingredient of sex-positivity is an attitude of tolerance for all types of consensual sexual expression.
      Whether you like your sex in the dark in the missionary position with your spouse
       Or bound, gagged and spread-eagle against a dungeon wall
        Sex-positive people celebrate "whatever turns you on".

    Naughty Pleasures goal (mission) is to help grow the ever-expanding numbers of Canadians who share these attitudes.
       Thankfully Canada is full of "sex-positive" people!
       And increasing numbers are becoming connected in more and more sophisticated ways.
        The twenty-first century is a very exciting time to be enthusiastic about sex as a Canadian!

    Naughty Pleasures - is two fold...

    (1) A toy store, only interested in sexually equality, acceptance, and
    (2) While we are a for profit sex toy store; although not at the expense of consumer education or lack thereof.
       We provide and promote sexual health, pleasure, and empowerment.

    Naughty Pleasures - Proud of this innovative model: creating a safe, welcoming, and non-judgmental environment.

    Naughty Pleasures - Woman-owned with the earth (and you) in mind.

    Naughty Pleasures:

  • Sex and body-positive
  • Eco-conscious
  • gender inclusive shopping & educational experience
  •     Honouring the diverse desires and needs of Canadians.

    Naughty Pleasures - encourages healthy and satisfying sex lives by offering a great selection of sex toys and related products!

    Naughty Pleasures - is based in Kingston, ON, Canada.

    What you won't find at Naughty Pleasures:

    Phthalates - An inexpensive "plasticizer" used to soften harder plastics.

    Studies have linked it to:
  • Kidney and liver damage
  • Disruption to the endocrine and reproductive systems

  •    It is also environmentally toxic during production and degradation.
       Used in PVC and "jelly" toys.
       Also Known As:
  • DEHP
  • DINP
  • DBP
  • DEP
  • DIP
  • Amines: Ammonia compounds are used as foaming agents.

      They are listed on ingredient labels as:
  • MEA
  • DEA
  • TEA
  • Ceteareth-6 - The Cosmetic Ingredient Review panel has placed a warning on this ingredient that it be excluded from products used on injured or damaged skin.

    Mineral Oil – A petroleum derivative that is found in many moisturizers and causes severe allergic reactions.

    Parabens – Widely used as cosmetic preservatives and anti-microbials, even though they are known to be toxic and a leading cause of contact dermatitis.

  • Methyl
  • Propyl
  • Butyl
  • Ethyl
  •   In addition, methyl paraben combines benzoic acid with the methyl group of chemicals, which are highly toxic.
      These can appear on labels as:
  • p-hydroxybenzoate
  • (or PHB) esters

  •    Studies show that parabens mimic estrogen in rodents.
       The chemicals also have been shown to stimulate growth of human breast-cancer cells in the lab.

    Petrochemicals: Derived from:

  • Petroleum
  • Etrolatum
  • Mineral oil
  • Paraffin
  • Petrolatum – This is a very cheap jelly made from mineral oil that causes such skin problems as photo-sensitivity and interference with the body's own natural moisturizing mechanism, which leads to dry skin and chapping.

  • Oddly - this product often creates the very conditions it claims to alleviate!
  • Propylene Glycol – Ideally this ingredient is made up of a vegetable glycerin mixed with grain alcohol, both of which are natural.

      Usually however, it is a synthetic petrochemical mix used as a humectant, or substance that promotes moisture retention.
       In its synthetic form, it is known to cause allergic reactions, clogged pores, and blemishes.

    Sulfates - Sodium lauryl and sodium laureth sulfate.

    Triclosan & Triclocarban: Antimicrobial pesticides in liquid soap (triclosan) or soap bars (triclocarban)

      Very toxic to the aquatic environment.
      Often found as contaminants in people due to widespread use of anti-microbial cleaning products.
      Triclosan disrupts thyroid function and reproductive hormones.
    Soap and water serves just as well to prevent spread of infections and reduce bacteria on the skin.
      Overuse may promote the development of bacterial resistance.

    p> Ureas: These contain formaldehyde.
      On labels they will be described as:
  • Diazolidinyl urea
  • Imidazolidinyl urea
  • DMDM hydantoin

  •   These can cause contact dermatitis.

    ** If you notice any of these ingredients in our products please contact us at: Product Concerns
       ** If there are other ingredients you are concerned about please tell us.

    Toxins research in sexual products is continual and on-going.
      Naughty Pleasures does its best to stay current with the research so you don't have to worry!
       Naughty Pleasures ultimate aspiration:

  • For Canadians to get involved in this effort to make our country a leading light in healthy, creative sexual expression
  • Sex Negativity

      The idea that sex is:
  • Harmful
  • Shameful
  • Disgusting
  • Sinful
  • Has been cultivated for centuries.
      While situations like procreation or having sex within a marriage were given a pass
       The idea that pleasure, the body and sex are (at best) necessary evils and deep-rooted in many different cultures.

    These attitudes have shifted over time.

      In many ways, all that was changed was to shift the boundaries of what kind of sex is acceptable.
       Society continues to express perfectly common forms of sexual expression as being outside of our definitions of acceptable sex.

    Sexual acts are ranked, with procreation within a heterosexual marriage at the top of the hierarchy and the likes of masturbation and non-heterosexuality closer to the bottom.

      Sex negativity devalues sex and experience.
       It leads society to believe that any sexual expression that does not conform to what society has decided to define as normal is not valuable.
        It erases honest expression of sexuality and authentic connection between people.
        It leads to people feeling shame and fear when it comes to sex.

    Sex Positive

      Sex positive embraces sexuality with the view that the only relevant concerns when it comes to a sexual act, practice or experience are the consent, pleasure and well-being of the people engaged in it or the people affected by it.
       Sex positive places no moral value on different sexuality or sex acts.
       It helps us set aside our judgments and make room for the diversity of human sexuality.

    Many mistake "sex positive":

  • With enthusiasm for sex
  • Or being sexually adventurous
  • Or with the belief that sex is always a good/positive thing
  • Or that if you are sex-positive, you’d say yes to doing this
  • Or that it's reserved for those of us who don't have vanilla sex
  • Excluding those who are not kinky
  • Who have been abused
  • Who have never had pleasurable sex
  • Who are virgins
  • Celibate
  • Asexual
  • Heterosexual
  • Etc.
  •    That's not what sex positive is about!
       It's a concept that gives us access to true respect for other people's sexuality.

    Sex positive is about when:

  • We say yes to the sex we do want and no to the sex we don't want.
  • We accept others' choices and respect everyone’s ability to choose.
  • We respect the right of everyone to make sexual choices that fit with their own personal values.
  • We stop believing in hierarchies of sexuality and genders.
  • We accept that our thoughts, feelings and choices around sex are good and natural.
  • We celebrate masturbation, celibacy, open relationships, asexuality, kink, monogamy, waiting, S&M, group sex and the infinite wonderful ways we can play and relate to others.
  • We acknowledge that we should have certain sexual rights, including the right to comprehensive, appropriate, pleasure-inclusive, positive sex education.
  •    A Sex positive approach to health and health care involves talking about sex openly and without judgment.
       Taking sex out of the closet leading to…

    A Decrease In:

  • HIV, STIs and unplanned pregnancy
  • Suicide and stress-related concerns
  • Barriers for people needing to access health care
  • Discrimination (homophobia, transphobia, etc.)
  • An Increase In:

  • Self and sexual esteem
  • Positive body image
  • Access to information
  • Sexual fulfillment

  • Acknowledgement of all people’s sexuality regardless of ability, age, sexual orientation, sexual activity, HIV status etc.
  • Toy Makers