Micro-Penis - How It Does (And Doesn't) Affect Sex

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Does Size Matter?
   You'll be surprised.

You've probably heard stories about other women having sex with a guy who has a micro-penis. Most likely, though, the man simply had a small penis, which is by no means the same thing.

Only a extremely small number of men actually have an micro-penis.

If you find yourself with a micro guy (or are just plain curious), there are a few things to know about the disorder - from why it happens to how its small size really affects sexual satisfaction.

What Is A Micro-Penis?
Micro-Penis is a real, diagnosable medical condition. A penis that is anything less than 2.8” or 3.65” when erect can be considered 'micro-penis.
In our size-obsessed world, having a micro-penis can leave a guy feeling very self-conscious.
  And it can be a big surprise to his partner as well.

Typically, micro-penis is diagnosed in newborn babies; it's not a condition that causes a normal-size member to suddenly shrink.
   You cannot develop micropenis over time.

What Size Qualifies As Micro? When it comes to a baby’s penis, normal size is 0.9” in length. Anything significantly smaller than that would be considered a micro-penis.

As for an adult member, the average length is 3.5” flaccid and 5.1” erect. As above, an erect micro-penis measures under 3.65” - slightly longer than the long edge of a credit card.

Psychologically, It Can Be Tough!
The psychological impact of having a micro-penis is hard to underestimate.
Any discussion of micro-penis comes with social and cultural implications:

What Is It To Be A Man?
How do men see themselves and how are they seen?
By what standards are they judged?

Surgery is an option. If a standard penile lengthening procedure isn't enough, a phalloplasty may be required.

Phalloplasty uses tissues from other body sites (for example, the forearm muscle flaps) to create a new penis (and urethra) for the patient.

What About Sex With A Micro-Penis?
Having a micro-penis doesn't generally prevent men from getting erections, masturbating, having orgasms, or urinating. However, sometimes a micro guy will be unable to have penetrative sexual intercourse.

While micro-penis can be a discomforting condition for some men, a fully satisfying sex life can be possible both for them and their partners.

From a functional perspective, the size of a man’s penis is the least significant aspect of their sexual capacity to provide a partner the pleasure they desire.

Partners need to focus on the sex acts that can be performed, not the ones that can't.

You can have a whole lot of fun and satisfaction from fingers, mouths, and toys.
Strap-ons and penis extenders augment your body.
Vibrators stimulate the most sensitive part of the genitals, whether that's the clitoris, G-spot, prostate, or frenulum.

Experiment With Positions.
Try variations of missionary where the receptive partner props their hips on a stack of pillows and then places their legs straight up to rest on the partner's chest and shoulders, while the penetrative partner kneels.
Doggy style is another great option as larger penises can cause discomfort or pain.

It's all about finding creative solutions to enjoy each other's bodies.

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