Cock Rings - What Can They Do for Your Sex Life

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You don't need a penis to enjoy a cock ring!

You may have heard of a cock ring (also called a penis ring).
  primarily used to help maintain longer, harder, larger erections by preventing blood from flowing back down the penis! br>    Resulting in the probability of penetrative sex lasting longer.

Cock Ring…. a silicone ring that fits over the shaft of the penis.
  It can also be used around the testicles!
   You can use a few at a time on both the shaft and testicles.

Penis rings can be used in numerous ways.
  They can heighten sensation during penetrative sex!
   Also making for more pleasurable hand jobs, oral sex, and solo masturbation.

Considering a cock ring?
  Any body-safe material is perfect.
   Medical grade silicone is the material of choice.
    Not listed?
     An oversight, drop us a line and we will fix it!
(Sex toys aren't regulated, and the research is scary as to how silicone, plastic, and other materials used in the manufacturing process interact with our bodies.)

If you're planning to use a cock ring with a partner, chat about it and make sure you're both on board before you buy.

By maintaining blood flow to the penis, cock rings are designed to help individuals who struggle to maintain an erection or have a physical penile impairment.

Another potential benefit if the cock ring vibrates is that the vibrations stimulate the vagina and clitoris which can mean more pleasurable orgasms.

Penis rings add an element of fun to any sexual atmosphere. A friend that helps both partners experience more pleasure."

Risk Factors
It's important to purchase the appropriate size to avoid cutting off circulation to the penis!
Use a cock ring that is stretchy or has snaps or other forms of easy release so it doesn't get stuck and lead to damage.

 Lube is your friend in all scenarios!
 Sanitize the ring between uses
 Take it off immediately if you feel any discomfort or pain.
You might want to do a little hair removal (or at least trimming) before using a cock ring to avoid an unwanted hair-pulling experience.

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