Vaginas And Vaginal Sex

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Does the G-spot really exist and, if so, where is it?
Although numerous textbooks describe the location of the G-spot as being on the front wall of the vagina, about one-third of the way inside of it, scientists have not yet found conclusive evidence that the G-spot is a distinct anatomic site.

In fact, some have gone as far as to label the G-spot a "gynecological UFO", arguing that while it has many "sightings", there is no confirmation of its existence.

The search for the G-spot will continue; however, some believe that what we think of as the G-spot may turn out to be nothing more than the internal portion of the clitoris.

Does the vagina become loose if a woman has a lot of sex?
Contrary to popular belief, women who have frequent sex do not develop "loose" vaginas.

The vagina naturally becomes looser when women are sexually aroused as a way of preparing for intercourse. After sex, however, things return to their normal state. What does cause vaginal looseness? Older age and (for some women) childbirth.

Is it possible for a woman to reach orgasm from vaginal penetration alone?
Some controversial research suggests that about half of women report that they at least sometimes have orgasms as a result of vaginal penetration alone. The other half report that they typically require other sexual activities or alternative forms of stimulation in order to reach orgasm (e.g., clitoral or nipple stimulation, cunnilingus).

Do all women have a hymen that ruptures the first time they have sex?
   Some women do, and some women don't.

It is not uncommon for the hymen (a small, circular piece of tissue surrounding the vaginal opening) to wear away well before a woman has vaginal intercourse for the first time (e.g., as a result of athletic activities, masturbation practices, etc.).

Another factor contributing to this variability is the fact that the appearance and thickness of the hymen can differ dramatically across women.

Do women enjoy deep penetration during vaginal sex?
Survey research suggests that, for most women, having a partner with a longer penis does not necessarily increase the likelihood of female orgasm during vaginal intercourse.

However, there are still plenty of women who do prefer longer penises and, consequently, deeper penetration.
What accounts for the difference?
Part of it may be due to the fact that some women find cervical stimulation pleasurable.

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