Hitting The G-Spot

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The G-Spot, or Grafenberg Spot, is an area within the vagina that can create deep, powerful and relaxing orgasms when stimulated.

   It's located on the anterior surface, or "top front" of the vagina and can be stimulated by fingers, sex toys or a penis.
   There are some things you can do to stimulate the G-Spot area.

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Using your Fingers

Perhaps the easiest way to stimulate the G-Spot is with your fingers.

Try inserting a finger, or two if you wish.

With your palm facing up, curl your fingers back towards yourself. You should feel a soft, slightly padded area. That's the elusive G-Spot!

Rub your finger in a small circular motion while applying pressure.
   This should do the trick.
   You should be getting some indication from your partner on whether or not it's working.
   Experiment with different amounts of pressure and different finger motions.

It may take a little practice and experimentation on your part, but you should be able to find something that works well for her.

Using Sex Toys

The G-Spot can be stimulated with a vibrator or dildo.

The process is the same as it is for your fingers, but it takes a little more practice to find the right spot and the right pressure.

Since you can't "feel" exactly what you're doing, be sure to take care not to push too hard.

Insert the sex toy into your partner's vagina, and angle it so the tip of the toy starts to face back towards you, assuming your partner is lying on her back and you are kneeling in front of her.

G-Spot sex toys make this easy, but it can be done with standard toys as well.

Apply slight pressure to start. It's probably a good idea to try this with your fingers first so you know exactly where the toy needs to be.

G-Spot Stimulation During Intercourse

To stimulate the G-Spot during intercourse, start with your partner lying on her back.

Kneel in front of her, and lift her legs up so that her feet are above your shoulders, or with her feet pressing against your chest.

Press her knees together.

This angle should help you contact her G-Spot.

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