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Invariably, at some point in our lives, we have all shaved some part of our anatomy, and most of us prefer some part of ourselves hair-free.

The first time was probably tense: a sharp razor, an unsure hand, lather and a new sensation as blade met skin. But for many the result was an unforgettable feeling of silky-smooth skin, sensitive to the touch, with all of the bare skin's endings at full attention. This heightened sensitivity and responsiveness is what makes genital shaving so alluring.

However, the thought of taking a razor and effectively scraping it across our most tender bits is enough to scare many away from what could be a fun erotic experiment. Or, at least, it's likely to make you feel the same tension and anxiety as the first time you picked up a razor and started shaving any other part of your body. But just like shaving you'd do anywhere else, genital shaving has its own techniques, rules and tricks for successful de-furring -- and some important ways to avoid irritation afterward.

Start out by softening the hair; take a warm bath or shower, using soap and conditioner on your pubic region. Women should be careful to only use the conditioner on the outside (vulva), as the perfumes and pH can irritate the vagina's delicate ecosystem. When you're through and dry, trim the hair with small scissors, such as mustache trimmers, though electric clippers do a terrific job in a short amount of time. This turns the hair into shaveable fuzz, and also gives you an idea of the ground you're about to cover with your razor -- you can see where all the hair is.

Get comfortable in front of a mirror. A door- or wall-mounted mirror is ideal, because you can pull up a chair, spread a towel on the seat and have a clear view. If you don't have a big mounted mirror, you can prop up a small mirror and sit in front of it anywhere that feels comfortable. You can even set it against the back of your chair or against your toilet tank, and sit backwards to face your reflection. When you get settled comfortably, check your lighting: the light should be bright enough to see the individual hairs, and you may need to bring in extra lighting.

Set yourself up with a cup or bowl of warm water, a fresh safety razor and an extra towel. Use a thick shaving cream or gel.

The types designed for sensitive skin are highly recommended. Set the razor in the warm water to heat it up, moisten the area you're about to shave -- vulva, scrotum, pubic mound, anus -- and work up a creamy lather with the shaving cream. Apply the lather (which feels pretty good, by the way) and start shaving.

Go slowly, and try to shave in the direction the hair grows, if you can tell. Make one stroke per area your goal -- you want to shave with as few repeat strokes as possible. Keep your grip light so the razor can gently follow the contours of rounded areas, and don't press. Rinse your razor in the water after each stroke to keep it clean. With tricky areas, such as the peaks of the outer labia or the testicles, use your other hand to gently pull and flatten the skin so your razor can glide over it. You'll be surprised to find that hair grows in some unlikely places -- to get a complete shave be sure to check just inside the outer labia around the clitoris, and on the base of the penis.

Watch your strokes in the mirror, and if you start to feel like your back is turning into a question mark, take a minute to sit up and breathe. Shaving the anal area is tough because it's practically impossible to see, but some people find that it's easier upside down! Try turning around and bending over completely, so you're looking through your legs at your butt in the mirror, and use your free hand to pull your buttocks aside. You may think you look silly now, but it'll feel divine when you're done.

Once you're through, hop back in the shower for a warm (not hot) rinse. Your newly shaved delicates will feel hypersensitive when the water hits, so just gently run your hands over everything to remove the shaving cream. You can use a little soap if you have some with a low pH, like glycerin, Aveeno, hand-milled or goat's milk (all unscented). A harsh perfumed soap will irritate your skin, which has just been stripped of all its protective oils, so avoid harsh soaps. If you feel brave, make your final rinse cool water to close your pores.

Pat dry and apply an aftershave treatment to avoid razor burn. Zinc oxide creams (sold for diaper rash) work quite well; Desitin and Aveeno (unscented) are highly recommended. Avoid hydrocortisone creams because they thin your skin over time. The first few times you shave, it will itch like hell when it begins to grow back, but this eventually stops. To help with the itch, carry a bottle of light hypoallergenic lotion with you and apply it as needed.

A lot of the information here may make shaving seem like a difficult process. But many people eroticize the procedure, and some even have their lovers help -- or do it for them. After you first few shaves, you'll find it gets easier. Eventually, you'll probably be able to simply shave in the shower as part of your routine. You won't believe how a bare pussy or scrotum feels beneath your own hands, and it feels incredible during sex -- especially oral sex and hand jobs. You'll feel it every time you take a step, smooth skin on panties, boxers or your jeans. Enjoy the touchable new you -- and good luck keeping your hands off of yourself!


All creamed up and ready to go!

Not all razors are created equally, be prepared to have to touch, stretch, move and pinch! (sounds like so much fun...doesn't it?) Some razors will require more pressure of the hand than others. Test this theory and find what works best. the gillette sensor razors tend to conform to the form...which makes this much easier, less fussy, another reason to use them for such curvy areas of the body. DO NOT shave against the growth of hair. You may think this will provide a closer shave, and it the expense of your skin. Resist the urge. Down the road, maybe your skin will handle this type of shave, but if you are in the least bit worried about the problems associated with shaving, this is a sure way to make it happen!

Start on the mons venus (the upper fleshy part of the pubic area). Always rinse your blade after each pass. Shave down or with the growth of hair. Try not to go over the area more than is necessary. As stated earlier, the razor does take a very thin layer of skin with it...minimize the layers and you minimze the ouch factor. You may need to stretch the skin a bit to get a nicer flat surface to work on, which will give you a closer shave as well. Once most of the hair is removed. you may shave in a sideways motion, to get a closer shave, from the middle out, and again in the other direction. Rinse the area clean of any excess cream now and check for any missed spots. For most women, the mons venus is one of the most difficult areas to get a good and comfortable shave so take care.

Now onto the spread legs bit! Wet the area slightly once again and lather up the labia. Do not use too much cream as you want to be able to see what you are doing. We don't want any bits missing afterwards! The labia for many are surprisingly easy to shave, with little irritation, however....they are also very close to the sensitive bits. If you are new to shaving, placing thewashcloth (rolled) in between the labia can help ease your mind of nicking any wrong places. Start on one side only, place the fingers of your non-dominant over at the bottom on the labia and gently pull downwards, ...this will leave the upper half of the labia taut. Once again, shave the area in a downward stroke rinsing the blade with each pass. Rinse and repeat on the opposite side. Now onto the bottom of the labia. Place your non-dominant hand on the upper part of the labia and proceed to shave the bottom half of both sides downwards.

Many women have some pubic hair further down from the labia, this can be removed with the same technique as well. Rinse the entire area and have a good look for missed areas. The shave is done! But the aftercare is important to a successful shave. Do not rub the area dry, this will irritate the skin. Instead, using a clean towel, pat any excess water off the skin.


Using the same tecnique above, shave the area above the penis with the hair growth. Any hairs on the shaft of the penis can be gently shaved upwards with plenty of shaving cream. Depending on the presence or lack of erection...the skin may need to be pulled taut upwards manually to avoid nicking the skin.

The scrotum is easily shaved with enough shaving cream and enough stretching and pulling. The scrotum is incredibly wrinkled and must be pulled taut with the hand. This will be nearly impossible if the genitals are cold, so be ready with that hot water and washcloth. You may need to pause a few times to warm up and loosen the scrotal skin. There is almost no rhyme or reason to shaving the takes patience and attention to detail....but it is well worth the effort. Start at the top...gently pull the skin smooth and shave downwards. Work downwards until the hair is gone. Rinse the area well and pat dry as we did with the female shave.

In conclusion, you should talk with your partner about arranging to shave each other. This can be a very erotic and sensual activity. Be sure to communicate very clearly during the act and proceed very slowly. Find out what they like, what feels good, and what feels not so good. If you take the time to learn how to do this the best for them, they will love you all the more for it.

Happy shaving!

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