9 Erotic Areas

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It is all how you approach it!
    Let your imagination run wild.

The sense of touch is one of the most powerful tools we can use when connecting with our sexual partner!

Small Of The Neck
   Most women find light tongue flicks on this area highly sensual.

   Ever wonder why so many women tend to enjoy washing their hair?
   And why does your woman's visit to the Hairdresser seem to send her into tizzies when she describes the simple experience of getting her hair washed and how good the jets feel on her scalp?
   Massaging the scalp or scratching it even ever so lightly, according to scientists, alleviates stress
     It also happens to have a built in bonus: Endorphins are released (pleasure hormones).

So the next time your woman tells you she is too stressed out to relax, play hairdresser. You'll be glad you did!

Outside Of The Ear Lobe
   Okay, your probably moaning already.
     But we already knew that one.
   No, not the whole ear or whole earlobe.
     With the various protective substances and complexities of the inner ear area.
   Most seem to forget hundreds of sensitive nerve endings and blood vessels reside in the outside of the ear lobe.
    Bonus tip: Instead of blowing or doing the old tongue in the ear trick, Use your fingertip and lightly stoke it. It may work wonders!

Inside Of The Arm
   This is an area that seems to be overlooked entirely in foreplay as well as in cuddling with loved ones.
   The trick here is to lightly run either your nails or the pads of your fingertips across the area of skin halfway between her elbow and wrist.
   It feels highly similar to someone tickling your palms lightly.
   As well as producing warm sensations in other parts of the body.

   The Sacrum, known as the "Bermuda Triangle Of Lust"
   This is the area found roughly above the crease of the buttocks near the base of the spine.
   Do not apply hard pressure.
     It will feel as if you are trying to give a spinal without anesthesia.
   Massage it lightly with a thumb and ask her how much pressure to add.

Inner Thigh
   Now don''t go totally wild in this area.
     Too much of a good thing can ruin the impact.
   Lightly track a small to medium sized triangle from around 2-3 inches below the crotch to the inside of the knee and back up again.
     Hopefully, by the time you are ready to move you hands a bit higher, she will be ready as well.

Behind The Knee
   One of the top totally neglected erotic areas on women.
     It has some of the softest, thinnest, and sensitive skin on the exposed body.

Achilles Tendon
   This is a highly sensitive spot.
     Do not immediately go here soon after foreplay.
   Softly stroke just below the ankle bone (your choice inside or out) and then work slowly up toward the back of her knee.

   Totally obvious choice.
   When starting to move into this area, ignore the nipples.
   Some other techniques you can use is to use all five fingers to stroke each breast in different directions.
   Instead of working your way from ground zero, begin starting at the breastbone or just about underneath the arm and slowly, slowly work your way toward the nipples. But, just stop short of it.

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